The Adventure

Andy left Newport, Rhode Island, on Thursday, 8 November 2001 to embark on an adventure he had been planning since the early 1980s.  He bought the boat in Friesland, NL and moved it to Newport. He then progressed from Newport through the Florida Keys to Mallorca, then to Mainland Spain and Gibraltar, back to Cabo da Nao, then through the Costas de Azahar y Dorada, Costa Brava, and into France

He left the boat in the south central area of France for the winter and then resumed his voyage northward in the spring, arriving in Waspik, NL.

Pilgrim remained in Waspik for several years while Andy worked to get the bucks to resume the voyage. Eventually he extended the trip through Belgium to England and then back to Newport.

The following are arranged in inverse sequence, with the latest SITREP (situation report) at the top. Click on the calendar or chart to select a viewing:


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