The Saone

The Saone is sublime. The current is easier, there are lots and lots of nice stopping places in the villages along the way, some with power and water that is free of charge, and other boat traffic is near zero.  The landscape has smoothed out to gentle farmland.  It is simply lovely.  From near Lyon we moved up the river to Macon on Friday, 4 Oct. 

 Macon is a very pretty city with a nice public pontoon.  

We tie up with no competition for the space from any other boats and take a hike on the pedestrianized streets. We get company a little later from a UK peniche.  

We are getting rather anxious about settling on a place for the winter. It is time to stop. Chalon Sur Saone has been suggested by other river travelers as a possibility.  Saturday we travel 75 kilometers to take a look.  

Travel is a joy.  After a couple of days of murky skies, the sum is bright and warm and the countryside is beautiful.  Again, far too many pictures to burden one page, more photos at Saone Travel.

There is no one in the capitanerie for the weekend at Chalon so we tie up where we please, plug in power and water, find shopping paradise just a stone's throw away in one direction, a very pretty village area with tons of little restaurants in the other direction, and a lovely small city just beyond. We like it.  Monday we rent a car to take a look at another wintering possibility farther north but decide to stay in Chalon. A few shots of the winter home.

The marina is situated off the Saone behind the island to the right, L' Isle de St. Laurent. Interestingly, Mâcon is similarly configured. So we need to find out why St. Laurent is consistently relegated to islands in the middle of a river... 

The marina is well constructed, but obviously expects the water to rise a whole lot, judging from the height of the pilings and the slant of the gangway to the floating piers. We are on the first pier off the gangway. There is a /walking/running path leading along the water into the distance beyond the marina. There are lots of runners here.
And we have of course found fall...                         
The main town is over a footbridge and through the village of St. Laurent, which is mostly restaurants.
We have been asked, "what is a péniche?" This is a péniche, the flat, wide, shallow barges that ply the rivers and canals... Most draw less than a meter of water.
Andy enjoyed an afternoon watching the wine festival. Take a look here at the rest of the parade...

That's it for the 2002. See you in Newport. Next year, a new adventure.

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