Spain Map

Spain is a very complex country. It ranges from Galicia in the Northwest corner, East to Navarra, through the wine region of La Rioja, the historic Aragon and Castillian regions, to the beautiful Mediterranean regions of Andalucia and Catalonia.

Beyond the regions of Mainland Spain are the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean. Of these Mallorca, and the minor ("Minorca") island is, duh, Minorca.

The unusual spelling is due to these islands, as well as the mainland region of Cataluña, being what makes up part of "Catalonia", a sub region that has a very long history and its very own language Catalán.

We found a strangely very close affinity to the Cataláns, and now we are beginning to understand why...

We have but touched the surface of this complex and beautiful country. Our voyage traversed the The southern half of Mallorca, a brief visit to Minorca, and the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of mainland Spain from Rota to the coast of France.