By 1998 we had sold New Day, left Pensacola, done a year’s stint in Hudson, MA, and returned to Newport. Now it was time to find a place to live.

The Point area in Newport is particularly lovely. But at the time the houses were all run down and in serious need of repair. People knew the area was on the way up so asking four to six hundred thousand dollars for a house, but it was going to cost easily another hundred thousand or so to get it back into shape.

So as we went house to house I was thinking to myself, “Wow, for that kind of money I could get a reeeely nice boat.” But I didn’t say anything…

But by March it was apparent that we were on the cusp. The rental in which we were living had been sold, the lease was up in May and the rent would go to over $4000 per month for the summer. So it was time to fish or cut bait:

“What are we going to do???

“Babe, for that kind of money we could buy a reeely nice boat…”

Do it!” she said.

That was Sunday. I had my short list and emailed all three. One answered.

  • Thursday I flew to the Netherlands.
  • Friday I saw the boat.
  • Saturday I signed the papers.
  • Monday I was back in the office.

The boat, like my cat Hank, was like silk in my hands. “Go left!” She went left. “Go right!” She went right. “Stop!” She stopped.

It just felt right.

The boat was shipped to Boston. We found a picture of the carrier:

27 April 1999 Transit to US

She arrived, yet again on my birthday, and we brought her to Newport for commissioning.

 17 July 1999 Commissioning

Now began the ordinary process of living aboard, including  several years of local cruising, swimming and diving, and Maintenance and Repair.

But then, 9/11 happened.